Not Needing All The Answers

As Advance continues to multiply across the globe, we love hearing stories of how meeting together in an Advance Group is changing and sharpening the faith of group members and seeing lives transformed. Some are finding confidence in their faith where before there was none. Others are feeling challenged to know and understand the Word deeper. For Lucas, it was realising you don’t need to have all the answers. 

Lucas is a worship leader from a small city in Brazil. After being invited by his regional Advance Ambassador, Flavio, to join his Advance Group, Lucas started attending and felt challenged in his approached to sharing the gospel.

One Saturday evening, Lucas received a surprise call from an old friend that he hadn’t seen or spoken to in a while. Encouraged by his Advance Group, Lucas went to go visit his mate and listened to the some of the hardships and challenges that he’d been going through. 

Unsure what to do or to say, Lucas responded with the only thing he felt he could –  to share his own story of how he had found Jesus in his own difficult seasons of life. When his friend saw the love Lucas has for God and how Lucas had valued him by just showing up and spending time with him, he asked to hear more about Jesus and then accepted God into his life!

Flavio, the Advance Ambassador in Brazil, shared what happened afterwards, ‘Lucas told us his story and we praised God for his friend’s new relationship with Jesus. Lucas’ testimony helped our group to never forget that people are more than just numbers. For Lucas, he realised that he had everything he needed to offer his friend and anyone else he might have a conversation with – Jesus, the one true love’.