We believe that the gospel has lost none of its power to save and that the time is right to put the lamp on a stand once again, proclaiming the good news clearly and boldly to the world, calling all who hear to put their trust in Jesus Christ. 

Advance exists to promote and develop the calling of evangelists, and is committed to the proclamation of the gospel and the support of those who proclaim.

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Monthly meetings that are made a diary priority by all in the group. It is essential that when people decide to join a group, they commit to the dates agreed upon. Encourage the group to treat these sessions as sacred, ask the group not to let a speaking engagement or meeting that appears ‘more important’ draw you away from making sure you are committed to being prepared for the work God has called you to do once the dates are set.


A commitment to studying the bible for a deeper knowledge of the gospel takes up a significant part of the session time each month, and also includes opportunity for healthy critique of each others understanding and application of evangelism and the gospel, primarily through discussion.


Honest self-evaluation via feedback questionnaires and open sharing within the group time is designed to ensure that we live accountable and holy lives as we attempt to be faithful to living and sharing the gospel. The vulnerability and honesty in the group can take time to develop, but should be encouraged and led by example from the group leader themselves.


Keeping each other up to date with preaching engagements, prayer requests and stories of salvation via email and/or group text messaging ensures we are supporting each other as a community of evangelists and staying connected between sessions which also creates a more familial dynamic in the group.


A commitment to explore the idea of multiplication with a view to group members taking on their own group (whilst continuing on in the original group) within 12-18 months of joining. Not all who are in your group will start their own, but by using this resource and getting intentional about it, many can and will, ensuring that the equipping, empowering and encouraging of those committed to evangelism continues to grow and spread across the world.

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The questions below summarise the heart of Advance and who it exists to support. For example, whilst Advance believes in preaching and the support of preaching evangelists, not everyone in Advance preaches the gospel from a stage. So, if your answer to these questions is yes, then click below to find out how you can join a group…


Do you have faith that the gospel has lost none of its power, and is the only way by which a person can know true life and salvation?

Do you desire to communicate the gospel with clarity, through personal conversations or preaching from a platform?

Do you long for opportunities to offer an invitation to receive the hope of the gospel, and see people move into eternal relationship with Jesus?

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