Trusting Jesus In The Journey

We don’t always get to see the end of someone’s journey to discovering Jesus. Sometimes all we can do is trust that he is at work before, during and after any time we share the gospel. James (name changed) has been leading an Advance Group for over a year and has seen God provide various opportunities to share his faith. Recently, he found himself having a conversation with a Muslim woman whilst out shopping.

‘I live near a Community Grocery that is run by a local Christian charity and often like to pop in and chat with some of the people who shop there. Recently I began talking with one lady, Latifa, who was out doing her weekly shop. She turned out to be a Muslim and I gave her the standard Islamic greeting and she was surprised to know I spoke a bit of Arabic.

‘We ended up chatting a bit longer and Latifa started to share about some of the challenges and difficulties she’d been going through, particularly since moving to the UK six years ago. I felt that this was a chance to share a bit about Jesus so chatted about the hope and peace that I find in Jesus and she was so interested in what I had to say that she began asking me loads of questions! She was so eager to find out more that I realised we weren’t going to be able to finish talking about everything so we made plans to meet up again to chat more.

‘Latifa went home that afternoon and after telling her mother about the conversation we’d had, was forbidden to meet me again because I was a Christian. By happy coincidence a few days later, I bumped into Latifa whilst out for a walk and said how keen she was to find out more about Jesus and ask all her other questions however was too worried if anyone were to find out what we’d been discussing.

‘For now, I haven’t been able to meet up with her again, however she will remain in my prayers and who knows, our paths might coincidentally cross in the future for another chance to talk.’