The Gospel in Hospital

Grace is an Advance Group leader in Zambia with a passion to tell people about the love of Jesus. One place she and her group particularly love to go and share the good news is in the local hospital. Below are just a few testimonies of what can happen when we open our lives to the opportunities God gives us to share his good news with the world.

‘On one occasion myself and members of my Advance Group were in hospital evangelising and we ended up chatting with some Jehovah’s Witnesses. As we chatted about Jesus and the hope and peace he offers, we could see that many were interested in what we had to say.

‘We decided to stay in touch and over time we’d meet up and continue to chat about Jesus and people started to accept him into their lives for themselves! Over time, more and more people have given their lives to Jesus and it’s so exciting to be a part of!’

‘The other day I was going round some of the wards at the hospital, chatting to people about Jesus. At one moment I looked across the ward and saw a very old lady whose face was swollen and causing her pain. I felt moved to speak to her and get to know her and even though she found it difficult to communicate, I sat by her bedside and shared about Jesus. She was really keen to give her life to Jesus, so we prayed together and she responded to the gospel. As I left her that day, I was truly touched by her faith and openness to receive the gospel.’

‘One last story. Our Advance Group decided to put together a programme to share the gospel with some of the health workers at the hospital. During one of their short breaks, we were discussing Jesus with some of them. One Muslim lady was being quite vocal in her disagreement of what we were saying and doing, however we continued to teach and chat and lovingly share with her our faith, and  slowly she began to listen. By the time we’d finished, her whole attitude had changed and right there and then she made a decision to follow Jesus and began asking us to come back so she could find out more about Jesus!’

These are just a small collection of stories about how Advance is helping people across the world boldly share the gospel. If you want to explore starting an Advance Group yourself and begin journeying through sharpening in your evangelism, you can find out more HERE.