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We’re so excited that you want to be part of Advance and start a group helping to equip and encourage yourself and others as we share the good news of Jesus.

Starting an Advance Group is as easy as 1, 2, 3…


Tell us you’d like to start a group by filling in the form below and we’ll be back in touch in the next 3-5 working days to see how we can help you.


Start inviting people to your group, or if you’re not sure who to approach we can put you in touch with people in your area who have previously registered an interest in joining an Advance Group.


Decide when to start meeting and begin journeying through the Advance Groups Mentoring Guide together.

At no point are you on your own – we’re here to help, and don’t forget to share any encouraging stories with us along the way!

Download the free group mentoring guide

Available for free, the Advance Group Mentoring Guide contains everything you need to help you and your group develop a deeper understanding of the gospel and grow in your ability to share it with the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Advance Groups only for evangelists?

No definitely not, Advance Groups is for everyone! We believe that all Christians are called to share the good news of Jesus with those they meet. So, we all need to have the opportunity to be sharpened and shaped to be better carriers of this message, not just those specifically gifted as an evangelist.

Do you need to be a church leader to lead a group?

No, in fact the Advance Group Guide is designed so that anyone can easily start and lead a group or session.

Do I need to pay anything to join or lead an Advance Group?

There’s nothing to pay – Advance is totally free to all members.

Do I need to buy an Advance Group Guide?

Copies of the Advance Group Guide can be downloaded for free online. We do know that some people prefer to have a printed copy of the guide and if that’s you, you can buy a printed copy here.

What happens if there aren’t any Advance Groups in my area?

Advance is continually growing across the globe. If you can’t see a group close to you don’t worry, we can connect you with someone. For example, in some countries groups run online via Zoom or Skype. If you want to know more about this do get in touch with your local ambassador. But it may be that you could run an Advance Group yourself and you can find out more about this on our Start a Group page.

Does my Advance Group need to be made of people who all know each other?

There are many great things about Advance Groups, but one of them is that you can get to know new people in your local area with the same passion for sharing the gospel – what’s not to love! However, if you’ve got friends you’d like to join a group with, you’re welcome to do that too.

I’m able to speak a different language can I lead an Advance Group in the country I’m in?

Definitely. If you have enough people who would like to form a group and be taught in another language that’s great. It’s not the language you’re speaking that’s important but the fact that together you’re equipping and training each other for evangelism.

What can I do if there isn’t an Advance Group Guide in my preferred language?

We’re constantly translating guides into new languages, so if you can’t find the language you’re looking for please do get in touch with the Advance team to chat about this.

Does my Advance Group need be made up of people of the same gender?

Where possible, we would encourage Advance Groups to be made up of members of the same sex but this is not a requirement. We would however strongly encourage mixed groups to split into smaller groups of men and women when working through the accountability sections of each session.

How can I start an Advance Group?

Please fill out this form to start an Advance Group and we will be in touch.