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Available for free, the Advance Group Mentoring Guide contains everything you need to help you and your group develop a deeper understanding of the gospel and grow in your ability to share it with the world.

Advance Proclaimers Series

The Bible is full of proclamation. From its very beginning we encounter a God who speaks.

The Advance Proclaimers Series is a growing collection of books which helps readers engage with specific moments of proclamation in the Bible, so that we may grow in our understanding of the truth being declared, grow in our knowledge of how to apply it to our own lives, and grow in our confidence to proclaim its truth to our world.

Each book in the series uses a single clear proclamation from the Bible as the starting point for a thematic study that is committed to accurate exposition of scripture, a readable and engaging style of writing and a clear evangelistic application for the reader. It is great for personal reading or used as a group resource for your church.

Ben Jack’s brand new book, for those who don’t yet know Jesus.

“There are no strangers, only friends you haven’t met yet”

We are taught from a young age to be suspicious of strangers.

But what if there was a stranger who in his kindness offered you true hope, meaning, and life?

In the pages of this book is an invitation to be a stranger no more…

Available for purchase from The Message.

My Lord And My God’ by Ben Jack, is an exploration into the often misunderstood disciple of Thomas, known as the doubter, to find hope beyond doubt, isolation and brokenness.

Available for purchase from The Message.

Coming soon, the next part of the Advance Proclaimers Series ‘Son Of The Living God‘ by Desmond Henry

Advance Essentials Series

The Advance Essentials Series are a new series of short, practical guides that will help you effectively proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ with your lips and your life to the world around you.

In this first release of the Essentials Series, Ben Jack explores how to make our everyday conversations extraordinary gospel opportunities with those around us. The book offers five questions to ask ourselves before we share Jesus, and five questions we can use as we speak to others about Him.

If Jesus Is The Answer, What Is The Question can be bought for only £3.99. Purchases can be made through Amazon with bulk deal offers available at, including a free 20min zoom session for your group with Ben for anyone who orders 50+ books at the discounted price of £2 each


Advance, in collaboration with City Gospel Movements, have put together the series Exploring Evangelism Myths, where we discuss five myths that hold people back from sharing the Gospel with those around them. Head to or subscribe from wherever you get your podcasts.


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