Our Vision

Advance Groups promote and develop the calling of evangelists through a commitment to the proclamation of the gospel and the support of those who proclaim.

Advance grew out of a vision from evangelist Andy Hawthorne (The Message Trust, UK) to gather twelve younger preaching evangelists around himself to develop and sharpen them. Encouraging other experienced evangelists to do-likewise, and with those being mentored eventually taking on groups of their own.

Through monthly meetings the group receives teaching, sharpens each other through discussion, and shares openly about personal and spiritual life. Updates are sent regularly to each other between group sessions (via WhatsApp or another method) about opportunities and engagements they have to share the gospel, and to encourage each other with the fruit from these opportunities.

Excitingly, after one year in the group, each evangelist considers finding another twelve who they then mentor in the same way. This is about evangelists developing evangelists, to see a huge increase around the globe in the number of Christians who will unashamedly put the lamp on a stand, from a platform or through daily encounters with family, friends and even strangers.

As it multiplies around the world, Advance is a direct response to the need for passionate, unashamed communicators of the gospel of Jesus Christ to be equipped, encouraged and supported in the lives they live, and the message they bring.