Jesus Using Advance In Germany

I have already done a few exciting things in my young life: moving to a different country and back to Germany, getting proper theological training and working in full-time ministry or seeing Jesus transforming myself and people who decide to put their trust in him. The most exciting thing I ever had the opportunity to be part of however, has been my time with Advance in Germany. Advance exists to equip and empower you for sharing the hope you have in Jesus Christ with those around you.

My own Advance group has been a massive support in sharing my faith in my day-to-day and not only focussing on my paid ministry time. I will never forget that one Friday. After I had just finished an assignment, I went for a walk to clear my head and to listen to new music. I only got around the corner though because I felt compelled by God to talk to a woman who had started shouting down the street complaining about something. We ended up having this long conversation about life and death and the hope, strength, and purpose I find in Jesus. She did not decide to put her faith in God, but this conversation clearly was a massive encouragement to her, and I could see her face lighten up a bit more every minute. Looking back, Advance has sharpened me in my way to look out for opportunities like that where God just wants to meet people through me.

Advance also had a large impact on the way we move forward in our ministry. My team is now in its third year in an Advance Group and every time we come together to focus on the gospel and how we share it in our ministry and in our lives, we get encouraged and equipped.

In one session, Maria from a group in Germany prayed for more boldness to actually invite people to surrender their lives to Jesus instead of “just” sharing her faith. Two weeks later, she was invited to preach in a church and on her way there she feels the Holy Spirit prompting her to finish her talk with a call to respond to the gospel and over 20 people gave their lives to Jesus for the first time. Only because God saw her heart to create opportunities.

Max from our group prayed that he could relate better to the young people he is working with so they can hear the gospel. A few weeks later, he played a board game with a 12-year-old who came to the church Max is working with and Max felt he should ask the boy if he ever heard the gospel. After Max explained the Jesus-story to him, he gave his life to God and is now getting discipled by Max and the church.

Our team was asked whether we can support a network of youth groups in an afternoon of outreach they have planned in the city centre. We thought it would be best to equip at least one youth group that was involved so we got into one of their youth nights and held one of the sessions from Advance. One young man, who never saw himself as an evangelist or someone who shares the gospel, felt excited about the outreach event. He came, had some good conversations about faith and was able to lead someone to Jesus. Now, the network of youth groups wants to grow in evangelism and wants to partner with Advance and The Message.

As a hub of The Message Trust, we often come back to the scripture from Isiah 43:19 “See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.”

We believe these stories are just the beginning of a major move of God in Germany. Please keep praying for us as we connect more with churches and evangelist networks to see a new generation of evangelists and bold Christians rising up to share Jesus.

Written by Kilian Spieß, Advance Ambassador in Germany and part of The Message Trust Hub in Germany