Advance Inspiring My Evangelism

Amanda knew that sharing the gospel was an important part of her relationship with Jesus, but didn’t know how to start. Through being part of an Advance Group, Amanda felt her understanding and her confidence in sharing the gospel grow and develop and she’s seen amazing transformation in her life because of it

‘I’ve always had the desire to share the gospel, but I didn’t know how to do it – I felt ill-equipped, nervous and overwhelmed. When I first joined an Advance Group, I felt very out of my depth and I realised that there were very few areas of my faith that were anything to do with evangelism. It was hard to accept as I had been a Christian for over 30 years at that point.

‘But my Advance Group encouraged and equipped me to share Jesus in all parts of my life and since then, I’ve seen changes in my life. I have the confidence to have more conversations about Jesus and to offer prayer in normal everyday situations – whether that’s at the hairdresser, in the supermarket, or with my neighbours. This is new and exciting for me. I find that I am looking and finding more Holy Spirit fuelled opportunities to share my faith, it’s like being more awake and willing to listen more. Now I have an urgency to share the gospel that I didn’t have before and I’m so grateful to God for that!

‘I am now in my second year of Advance and am a member of my original group but I now also lead two additional Advance Groups myself! If you had told me I’d be doing this at that first meeting I would have said ‘No way!’. But God is so good, he leads us and is looking for willing hearts to say yes.

‘Perhaps he is calling you today as well, putting a passion in your heart for his word and to share about what he has done in just everyday situations. I pray that wherever you are on your journey, that the Holy Spirit will stoke the fire in you that will bring fresh insight and vision for sharing the good news of Jesus.’