How I Came To Faith – Daniel’s Story

As the son of Christian Missionaries in Portugal, I had always been exposed to Christianity and who Jesus was. I would see the love that both of my parents had for the people in their community, how their faith really informed and shaped their living. I saw their passion for the last, the least and the lost, how they would welcome rough sleepers to our home, how the front door of our house was always open and hot cooked food was always available if people were hungry.

They loved Jesus and that was truly visible.

I would go along to church services and help out with different activities in the church and in the community. Life was good, I was loved, had great friends, and had good grades.

However, one day I realised that what I was following was not actually my own, it wasn’t my own personal relationship with Jesus, what I was doing was following along with whatever my parents would say. I remember at the age of 14 I actually started to think, what does all of this mean for me? It was at that point that my passion for history started to develop and I began to look into, read and understand the historical proof of who Jesus was and is. That made me think, “I need to do something about this. I can’t just ride on my parents faith and be neutral/passive about it all.” 

A few months later I remember going on a run. I ran up the coast of my little city one evening and I stopped at the top of a hill, looked out to the sea and looked up at the stars and thought “There has to be more to life, there has to be someone that created all of this. This is too beautiful to be a pure random act”

That was the point of no return, I fully surrendered my life to Jesus.

That’s how I became a follower of Jesus.

Written by Daniel Eduardo.
Daniel is a preaching evangelist at The Message Trust UK and lives in Manchester with his wife Emily. As the frontman for Christian Indie-pop band Brightline, Daniel delivers lessons, assemblies and workshops to young people of all ages on the Christian faith as well as gigging throughout the UK and Europe giving opportunities for all to hear and respond to His good news. He is also heads up church relations for an evangelistic event called Festival Manchester 2022.