Global Advance Day

On Saturday 28 January 2023, we’re celebrating our third annual Global Advance Day.

It will be a day where new groups will meet for the first time and where existing groups will hold their first meeting of the new year! It is so powerful to know that all over the world on that day, thousands of groups will be meeting, many for the first time, as members commit to getting intentional about growing in their faith and taking the good news of Jesus into the world through 2023 and beyond.

We’d love for you to join us! If you’re new to Advance but would love to join one of our small group mentoring groups near you, find out more here and get ready to be encouraged and equipped in your evangelism. And if you’re one of our Advance Ambassadors, we’d love you to encourage your groups to meet on 28 January as we stand as one people around the world worshipping Jesus.

For more information about the day and how to get involved, drop us an email.