Is Advance only for evangelists?
No definitely not, Advance is for everyone! We believe that all Christians have a calling to share the gospel, therefore we all need to have the opportunity to be sharpened and shaped to be better carriers of this message, not just those specifically gifted as an evangelist?
Do you need to be a church leader to lead a group?
Nope, in fact the Advance Group Guide has been written and designed so that anyone can start and lead a group or session
Do I need to pay anything to join or lead an Advance Group?
Nope, joining Advance is absolutely free.
Do I need to pay anything for an Advance Group Guide?
You can download our free online versions of the Advance Group Guide. If you prefer a hard copy you can buy one here
What happens if there aren’t any Advance Groups in my area?
Some countries can provide alternatives if there aren’t any Advance Groups in your area, including video call sessions through Zoom or Skype. Please contact your local Advance Ambassador for further information. Equally, consider signing yourself up to lead an Advance Group and we will be in contact once enough members have shown interest in your area to launch a group.
Does my Advance Group need to be made of people who all know each other?
Nope. In many places people have come together from the local area to form a group alongside others they didn’t know with the central heart to be better communicators of the gospel.
Can I lead an Advance Group in a different language to the country I am in?
Yes. If you have enough people in a group that would prefer to be gathered and taught in a different language then of course.
What can I do if there isn’t an Advance Group Guide in my preferred language?
Please get in contact with our Advance team and we can discuss translating the guide into another language.
Does my Advance Group need be made up of people of the same gender?
Whilst we would encourage, where possible, the Advance Group be formed of single sex, it is not a requirement, though we would strongly encourage you to split into smaller groups of men and women when working through the accountability sections of each session if the group is mixed.
How can I start an Advance Group?
Please fill out the form HERE to join or lead an Advance Group and we will be in touch
If I’m already in an Advance Group, how can I let you know?
Please fill out the form HERE to register you are already in an Advance Group