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Why is Community Vital For Effective Evangelism?

Real life change often begins when someone hears the message of the gospel and repents of sin, surrendering to the rule of Christ in their lives. But in order for this life change to take route and flourish, people often need a whole lot more – they need a transformative community.

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The Multiform Expression of the Evangelist

Written by Luiz F. Cardoso.
When I first found the Lord I asked a friend what an evangelist was. On hearing his explanation I decided I wasn’t an evangelist because he made it sound too far outside my comfort zone and beyond my skill. It took many years to overcome that wrong understanding.

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What to do when someone rejects the gospel?

Written by Sola Ayodeji .
Generally our encounters with rejection have a negative effect. However we need to remind ourselves what rejection to the gospel really is, and how we should respond when it happens.

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What is the relationship between Evangelism and Discipleship?

Today many leaders and pastors are suffering from what call ‘evangelism fatigue’, many even question the validity of the call to evangelism in our cultural climate today.
How can we make sure that sharing the good news doesn’t result in an ever increasing group of burned out Christians?

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What Is Evangelism?

Christian evangelism is not meant to be a lucky dip exercise in who can correctly discern our ‘Jesus actions’ in the world as being good news for them. Evangelism is more than the communication of subjective ‘good’ news; more than the offering of good advice; more than the marketing of the Christian faith. One way to help us overcome some of the frustrations we may experience in evangelism is to remind ourselves what evangelism actually is.

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10 Things That Evangelism Is Not

When wondering ‘what is evangelism’, sometimes it’s helpful to know what it is not. Find out 10 misconceptions people often have when they think about sharing the gospel.

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