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Preach the gospel – Four truths about the urgency of our proclamation!

There are some situations in life that help us to value the right things and that will bring our priorities into check. In those situations where we know that we might not have much time, the urgency and seriousness of what’s important comes to the surface. That is the situation the Apostle Paul was going through when he wrote to Timothy about the urgency of our proclamation.

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Advance Mission In Brazil

In March some of the Advance Team travelled to Brazil for two weeks of mission. Luiz, Head of Advance Groups, shares about what happened on their first night.

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Advance Growing In India

Ben Jack and I went to India to share about Advance and to train Leaders and Pastors to facilitate Advance Groups.
Although we were only there for just over a week, we were able to meet thousands of Christians thirsty for a renewing touch of God.

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One Thing: Pain Becoming Powerful Testimonies

One thing I wish I knew when I started sharing my faith was that my deepest struggles would become my most powerful testimonies.

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The Multiform Expression of the Evangelist

When I first found the Lord I asked a friend what an evangelist was. On hearing his explanation I decided I wasn’t an evangelist because he made it sound too far outside my comfort zone and beyond my skill. It took many years to overcome that wrong understanding.

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Advance Is Making A Difference

One of the great joys of my ministry, Advance, is to see Christians develop a growing relationship with Jesus that will transform their local churches, communities, and many lives with the powerful message of Christ. Advance exists to encourage, equip and empower you for evangelism and it has been a constant reminder that God and the Gospel has lost none of its power. The following stories are just some of the examples.

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10 Things That Evangelism Is Not

When wondering ‘what is evangelism’, sometimes it’s helpful to know what it is not. Find out 10 misconceptions people often have when they think about sharing the gospel.

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