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How will they hear if we do not listen?

I used to host a readio show where I gave people the opportunity to air their spiritual grievances and objections to Christian faith. I thought it fair game to give people the chance to voice the reasons why they would not or could not follow Jesus. I let my guests speak. I did not respond to their sticking points by grabbing my gospel gun and blasting them with Bible bullets. I let them talk. We had a conversation. When pressed to justify this segment, I said, ”We need to learn to listen and listen to learn.”

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Fanning The Flames of Evangelism Across Canada

Written by Bill Hogg.
Canada is the second largest country in the world by land mass. We need evangelists to share the gospel and stir the church towards Jesus. Through Advance, we’re seeing a new wave of evangelists for the advancement of the gospel across Canada!

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