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How To Change A Nation!

How are we to see lasting change in a nation? Is it micro church or mega church? Is it mass evangelism or one-on-one? The reality is, it’s ok to spend money on large-scale mission, however we’re not going to see lasting fruit, unless we step it up in prayer, fasting and proclamation.

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Gospel Responses From A Wedding To A Sunday

As I sit down to write about the impact of Advance, I’m honestly amazed and a little humbled with all that’s happened over the last few years. It just goes to show what can happen when ordinary people come up with simple ideas and God decides to breathe on them.

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One Thing: People can be weird and you never know what they will do next

One thing I wish I’d have known before I started sharing my faith is that people can be really weird and that you never know what they will do next!

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