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Is Evangelism About My Testimonies or About Christ?

If we had the opportunity today to interview one of the apostles, we would probably love to know more about them personally and who they are. front of the cameras, they would promptly talk about Jesus and likely avoid personal stories, personal opinions or the gossip that would have been among them that could lose the main focus on Jesus. Every opportunity these men got in the New Testament they intentionally decided to hide themselves from the message, focusing on Jesus and on the privilege offered to the listeners. The apostles used a Christocentric approach when they evangelised to a group or a person. Therefore, more than a matter of mere style, this Christocentric focus is one of the most crucial traits of the apostolic and biblical evangelism. This article will discuss why the Christocentric appeal of evangelism was and is so important, and why our evangelism should be shaped by it.

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How I Came to Faith – Albert’s story

I had the privilege of being born into a Christian family that regularly attended a church. You could say that, since my childhood, Christian influences were always there, whether it was listening to worship songs whilst I slept on my mother’s lap in the pews, or when I was representing a little lamb in the […]

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Because We Love

When the pandemic first hit, many church leaders came to the conclusion that now is not a good time to evangelise. However I realised that now is exactly the time. Evangelism isn’t about filling the church building, it’s for Jesus and about his Kingdom.

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