Being Willing To Say Yes

Karol is a member of an Advance group in Poland. As an entrepreneur in real estate, he’s a busy man constantly on the lookout for how Jesus might use him, particularly in his work.

A couple of months ago Karol and his team had been working on a large renovation job. The multistorey building had been bought with the plan to turn it into an apartment block for people to rent – a fairly standard job – and the building had huge open ground floor space which could be transformed for a range of purposes. Karol had planned to rent the space out on its own or possibly transform it into a shop or offices. But during one day of work, Karol found himself having a strong conviction that he couldn’t shake feeling someone say to him, ‘you need to use this space for God’s people’.

Unable to remove these words from his mind, Karol realised he had to respond to the prompting of the Holy Spirit and began to ask around to see who needed to use the space. No long afterwards he found a local Christian project who happened to be looking for a venue precisely like the one he had with a large ground floor area.

It became clear that Jesus had directed the whole process and had his own ideas of how best to use  this ground floor. Karol decided to give away the space to this Christian project and there is now a Teen Challenge facility working out of it – a faith-based project which aims to help and support some of the marginalised in society who suffer from life-controlling problems. Karol is now heavily involved in their evangelism projects, often receiving encouragement and support through his Advance Group, and has now seen see many people come to have relationship with Jesus.

Jesus can use us and our situations in whatever way he wants – for Karol he used his job as way to facilitate people hearing about Jesus – we just need to be willing to say yes.