Advance – The Unexpected Catalyst

Nearly 2 years ago Brad started his own Advance Group in Portland Oregon, having previously not known much about Advance or what it really meant to be in a group intentionally coming together for the purpose of growing and developing in the gift of the evangelist. Since that first meeting, many things have changed for Brad in his own approach to evangelism because of Advance. Below is his story on the Advance Group journey he’s been on.

“The Advance Group experience was an unexpected catalyst.

I went into it thinking I already knew what an evangelist does and what they believe, but this really sharpened me. The material really is Biblically sound. The relationships and conversations around the theology and practice of being an evangelist were a catalyst for me to further develop my own ministry of evangelism (Passion 4 People).

Not only has this been great for me, but I also now have a great tool to help others grow in their calling and gifting for evangelism. My Advance group from over a year ago are still talking and praying with each other, spurring one another one to do the work of the Gospel.

I recommend the Advance Mentoring Group experience to everyone, and not just evangelists. Several pastors were part of our group and what a gift to get their perspectives and for them to understand us evangelists better so we can work together.”

If you want to explore more about starting your own Advance Group, just click here, or if you have any questions you can email us at [email protected].

Written by Brad Butcher, evangelist and president of Passion4People.